Adi Arida

Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology, Fatima College of Health Sciences, Institute of Applied Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Adi Arida had his PhD Degree from the United Kingdom in 1997, after which he started his academic and industrial career in health profession. He proceeded in his different academic promotions until he was awarded, in 2009, the academic rank of Full Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology.

Due to his academic and industrial performance, he had been escalading in his administrative and academic ranks from a faculty to Head of Department, to Dean, being appointed as Dean of different Colleges in different universities; Dean of College of Pharmacy, Dean of College of Nursing, Dean of College of e-Learning, Acting Dean of Faculty of Science (Bio-Technology, Chemistry, Physics and Liberal Arts), Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences (Pharmacy, Medical Laboratories, and Nutrition & Dietetics), and Dean of School of Health and Environmental Studies. He started his job as Dean of School of Health and Environmental Studies in Dubai in 2014-2020, where the mode of delivery in that university was blended online with an e-learning infrastructure; physical (face-to-face), synchronous (virtual), and asynchronous (self-paced). His latest position was awarded in August 2020, where he was appointed as a university president in Dubai. Now he is working as a consultant for the University of Al Fujairah, and is a member of its Executive Committee.

Dr. Arida holds a distinguished career of 24+ years in academic administration. He has provided leadership and support in building a graduate and post graduate student culture and community that enriches student experience and engagement. He has played a key role in facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive for quality education.

He is one of the leads in the field of pharmaceutical research and has earned a reputation for thought leadership and pharmaceutical technology innovation, which was achieved via substantial R&D programs spanning more than two decades. He owns the vision for pharmaceutical sciences and delivers therapies of the future through scientific leadership in drug delivery.

Dr. Arida is a renowned academic visionary: he has significantly contributed to creating the next generation/digital era workforce in the field of pharma. He has mastered teaching on topics and state-of-the-art technologies that are reshaping the pharmaceutical industry.

He is known as a distinguished author of many significant publications, including articles and book chapters. He is invited to speak at conferences as an industry thought leader.

He is an erudite professor and a socially conscious researcher, recognized for significantly contributing to both the academic world and industry across the pharmaceutical sector.

He is chairing and serving on a litany of university committees on academic development.

Being a Pharma Innovator and visionary thought leader, he has effectively driven transformational innovation by working synergistically to create a faster and more cost-effective way to bring new treatments to the market.

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